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Wood-based composite materials

User committee

Membres of the Xylomat User Committee (not final)

Company name

Branch of activity


Ets Labadie (Roquefort – 40)

Sawmill, manufacture of wood framing structures. Jointing & LC structures

Philippe Labadie (CEO)

Egger Rol (Rion des Landes - 40)

Manufacturing particle boards (PP and MSCP) Miguel Badia (Resp R&D)

Rol Kem (Mourenx – 64)

Manufacturing adhesive mixture and tar paper Patrick Palos (General Manager)

Gascogne Wood (Castets – 40)

Wood branch of the Gascogne group (sawmill, flooring, paneling, moldings, MOP walls) Patrick Joyet (Resp R&D)

Tembec (Tartas – 40)

Biorefinery Denis Sens (Resp R&D)

Ets Dassé (Castets – 40)

Prefabricated buildings made of wood and metal structure  Mme X (Resp R&D)